The idea that became Lifetime Flooring was created 20 years ago by a humble apprentice with a vision to fill the voids created by disloyal and dishonest contractors. After years of hard work and on the job experience, the apprentice set off on his own to create a new path for the flooring industry, and at the same time offer the consumer a level confidence that has yet to be reproduced. His goal was to offer quality products, along with time-tested installation methods, to an industry that was lacking personal responsibility and integrity.

The years have moved quickly and the young apprentice now finds that he has created a beacon of craftsmanship and client loyalty. His business has grown to be the number one account for many reputable manufacturers in the flooring industry.

Lifetime Flooring has created a loyal client base eager to pass on the positive experience they have received and eager to share with their families, friends, and coworkers this beacon of integrity and personal responsibility in the flooring industry. Southern California’s best kept secret is now branching out to service all of California with the same level of consumer confidence that has inspired thousands of satisfied clients to pass along their positive experience.

Lifetime Flooring is built for long term success. By remembering why the young apprentice set off to build a new image for a struggling industry, we will always demonstrate our core values and beliefs in our craftsmanship and level of service.